What is Dulce de Leche?

Dulce de Leche is an authentic South American spread, and is primarily a mixture of milk and cane sugar. It was first produced over 100 years ago in South America as a means of preserving milk during the summer, and is now widely used in cooking. As milk is the primary ingredient, the herd of Holstein cows is raised on the fertile and unspoilt Argentine pastures. The cows are not artificially induced to increase production by the use of hormone implants or other methods.

How is Caramella Dulce de Leche made?

The milk and cane sugar are blended and then boiled in an open cauldron for approximately three hours. The result… a deliciously sweet and creamy spread with a delicate caramel flavour. Top quality milk solely from "La Esmeralda" farm near Buenos Aires is used to produce this delicious, rich creamy caramel.

Can Caramella Dulce de Leche's thickness or consistency change?

Yes, it is normal for the consistency and viscosity of the spread to change, and this is due to temperature. The colder the weather the more solid the sauce will be. The hotter the temperature, the more runny the sauce. If the product is too runny to use, we suggest placing the jar in a cooler or refrigerator for 15-30 minutes, for it to solidify.

Can the product change colour between different batches?

Yes, it is normal for a slight colour difference between different batches. This is due to the primary ingredient - Milk, and the milk's cream content. The chemical characteristics of milk are influenced by the type of pasture the cows eat. Throughout the year, the quality of pasture changes with the different seasons, and therefore, the cows will graze on different types of pasture. For example, clover-based pastures are higher in protein, and therefore milk produced on these pastures tends to be 'creamier'. When boiled, the cream content influences the final colour of the Caramella Dulce de Leche. Think of it as adding cream to your coffee - the more cream you add to your coffee, the lighter it looks. The less you add, the darker it looks.

How can I use Caramella?

There are many unique and delicious ways in which to enjoy Caramella Dulce de Leche. Caramella does not contain any preservatives. Some serving suggestions are below: • Put on ice cream as a topping for a rich caramel taste • Use as a filling in homemade sweet breads, cakes and pies • Delicious at breakfast time - spread on bread, toast, biscuits, pancakes, waffles and French toast. • A delicious compliment to any pudding, desserts, or fruit • Caramella Coffee - put 1 or 2 spoonsfuls of Caramella into coffee for a sweet tasting coffee indulgence

What is Caramella’s shelf life?

The shelf life on Caramella is 18 months. After opening, the jar must be kept refrigerated and must be consumed within one month. The product has a best before date stamped on the label.

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